Although having participated in a variety of protests and marches going as far back as Operation Desert Storm in the early 1990’s, Mr. Mimoun entered the political arena in 2009 while living in the United States Virgin Islands (USVI). There he witnessed first hand how corruption, malfeasance and injustice on a micro-level was reflective at the Macro-level stateside rife with political scandals, misappropriations of federal funding, too big to jail politicians and businesspersons. A locality where over 30% of the population lives on or under the poverty line, a place where infrastructure is poorly maintained, food prices and energy prohibitively expensive making America’s paradise a playground for the rich rather than a place everyone could enjoy and thrive. Despite the USVI being the recipient of Millions of dollars of federal aid furnished by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) after the 2006 Wall Street crash (one of many), monies which could have gone toward making the territory energy independent by means of wind, solar and tidal power, a plan to adopt natural gas was approved doing very little in terms of cutting energy costs but enriching the architects of the plan. ARRA funds could also have been allocated to address Waste Management issues. To this very day going back decades, the Landfill is still under a consent decree posing an environmental hazard to the local population as are the police and prisons due to horrible mismanagement. Taken all of this into consideration compounding in and how the islands cost of living and property taxes are so prohibitively high and violent crime at record rates, it is no mystery why so many have been forced to leave, why the islands are being gentrified by design.

The few articles above are just a sliver of the corruption that has gone on unchecked and unmitigated by the Federal Government so in an attempt to find a means of political expression outside the iron grip of corporatized special interests, Mr. Mimoun founded The Green Party of the United States Virgin. The Ten Core Values resonated in him which he felt would allow him to politically express himself in a manner that was truly geared toward serving the public purpose. When asked during a congressional debate in 2010 about who was his inspiration in running for public office, his response was Independent Bernie Sanders before being a “Bernicrat” was a thing. His response was rooted in Senator Sanders positions more so than his voting record and willingness to bring progressive policies to the forefront and like Bernie Sanders was a victim of Election Fraud in 2012 as 4,000 paper ballots had been tampered en route from the other islands that make up the entire archipelago. However, one of the positive outcomes of the 2012 election cycle was having to compete with Warren Mosler, one of the founders of Modern Monetary Theory and author of the book The Seven Deadly Frauds Of Economic Policy a must read for everyone as understanding how money is created, used and destroyed at the federal level; a central theme to this campaign and the lynchpin behind unifying everyone across partisan lines to be discussed in detail under the section “How Do We Pay For It?”

Motivated by making the world a better place than the way it was experienced in his lifetime and ensuring children of this generation and next have an equal opportunity to inherit a better world free of market crashing exploitative capitalism, predatory economics designed to decimate the middle class playing a pivotal role in breaking up marriages and the nuclear family in transitioning to becoming members of the working poor living paycheck to paycheck with no savings, no retirement, always in debt and one foot out the door to destitution and homelessness. Such is the norm in the greatest country on Earth. Perhaps its not that great. In many respects it never was. How could a country built on slavery and the genocide of the indigenous be that great? Perhaps what is needed, what has been lacking in the political arena for far too long is the Political Will to serve the public purpose which is what Mr. Mimoun intends to do by any means necessary. In so doing, enemies will be made but the good fight is never easy or won without some measure of risk. In an interview Mr. Mimoun was quoted saying, “I see very little risk between a States person and a soldier. Both are willing to do whatever they can for the greater good even to the point of risking their own lives which is why I go into this race with the mindset that everyone belonging to the 99% are my brothers and sisters, every child is my child whom I would fight for tooth and nail to protect and nourish. Some say we are long overdue for a Revolution but I will do what I can to work within the framework of our current system before America goes beyond the point of no return because that’s where we are going as a country if we as a country stay the course.”